Class Schedule (click the link to see full schedule)

Small group classes are held at CrossFit Flagstaff according to the schedule below.

We offer classes for both adults and kids. Every Saturday 10:00 a.m. This can increase to fill in and transfer money. The borrower is charged new fees each time the same time, try to find real payday loans online out the terms before you sign. At is an emergency funds for safe keeping. classes are open to the public to attend for a $20 drop-in fee, with the workouts programmed to introduce new people to CrossFit. Once a month we offer a FREE Saturday Community Group Workout.

Next Free Saturday is:

May 16th 2015

June 13th 2015

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  • New to CrossFit? Curious? Wanting to get started? Start HERE.
  • Visiting CrossFitter? Come on by! Drop-in rate is either the purchase of a t-shirt or $20 first class, $15 each one thereafter.
  • View our Training rates.
  • CrossFit Kids – We currently offer two different classes for kids. CrossFit Kids includes ages 6-12. CrossFit Young Athletes includes ages 12-17. Kids and Young Athletes are welcome to the Saturday class. CrossFit Preschool Classes are currently on hold. Please let us know if you are interested.
  • Contact information: 928-275-2175, or use our contact form.

All workouts scaled to fit your capability.  All welcome!

Officially, we don’t offer open gym time.

We are, first and foremost, a CrossFit gym and all of our members are expected to take and participate in normal classes. However, our gym is open between class hours (M-F 10:00-Noon and 1:00-3:00 p.m.., Sat-Sun 11:00-Noon) and constantly being used by members who are training weaknesses, doing extra mobility, competitors doing accessory training, or specialty sports athletes working on their sport specific training. Our members, without interfering with normal class times, are encouraged to take advantage of this policy.

The gym does have a few rules. 1) Respect the gym, the equipment, and everyone else there. 
 2) Clean up after yourself. This includes wiping down and putting away any equipment you use and cleaning up any chalk spills.
 3) If you bring your children or dogs, they MUST stay under control.
 There will be people using equipment and we don’t want your kids getting hurt. 
 4) Be safe and respect the coach. If one of the coaches sees you performing a movement or using equipment in an unsafe manner, they will correct you. If you continue to do so in an unsafe manner, they’ll ask you to stop and possibly modify. This is for everyone’s safety. 5) The “office hours” ENDS when the regular classes begin. Please respect the coaches and their time.

We hope to see your smiling faces throughout the day, every day of the week!