Zero to 60

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The "LOOK BETTER, FEEL BETTER, PERFORM BETTER" Nutrition Challenge is HERE!  Good luck to everyone in your journey on this challenge to change your life!

Thought this was a great article to kick it off

Zero to 60

CrossFit Journal article by Jeff Barnett

Intensity and movements are scalable. Jeff Barnett says you can apply the same concepts to nutrition.

Many athletes are not willing to endure a sudden change in nutrition. It’s easy for me to say they should because I know the results they can eventually realize.

However, anything a human has been doing for multiple decades is a tough habit to break. After all, I didn’t go straight from Krystal to strict Zone/Paleo. I made a gradual transition as my knowledge of CrossFit grew. While it’s not the best way to change for fastest results, this might actually be the most reasonable method to expect from the average athlete. After all, we teach that intensity is relative and you should gradually work up to full-intensity workouts. Making a sudden transition to a healthy diet can be just as daunting and difficult for some athletes.

Some folks are convinced by persuasion, but some remain unconvinced, or the attraction of the average American diet is so strong that they can’t quit the crack. In this article, I’ve outlined some individual steps that will help someone move toward a healthy, proportioned Zone/Paleo combination that would have Starr Jones washing clothes on her abs.

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