Women’s Fitness Weekend Success!

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Synergy Fitness put on a 2-day Women’s Fitness Weekend this past weekend, and CrossFit Flagstaff was one of their field trip stops.  They got a lecture on "What Is CrossFit?" from Cullen, cycled through stations with intros to proper technique in lifting and movement, and then participated in a workout, giving them a taste of intensity. 

Isabelle taught the foundation of all human movement – the Squat. 

They learned how to put things overhead properly with Cullen – learning the functionality of using the power of the hip to Push Press and Push Jerk objects overhead when they seem too heavy to lift with just the arms.

Katie taught everyone how to pick things up from the ground safely and efficiently – that movement being known as the Deadlift.

Jason ensured pushups and pullups were taught and practiced to their
full range of motion, demonstrating multiple ways to scale movements so that everyone can do them and build their strength toward the full movement.

Also big thanks to Billy for all his assistance, being the "Flow Master", keeping thing running smoothly!


THANK YOU, Carolyn and Heidi, for bringing these amazing women by the gym, giving us the opportunity to enhance their lives and help them move better!  It was TRULY a pleasure having all of you here!

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