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IMG_8723 WOD
Work up to 1 rep max Snatch

Rest, then-

2 Rounds for Time: (8-10 min. time cap)

Katie took the run to a whole 'nuther level… Something about running with her walker…and it looks like she nearly trampled Donna to death getting out of the gym!

ACTUALLY, Katie recently attended a seminar on stretching and was working with a method called "mashing", helping Donna's deeply sore butt from the lunges on Sunday!  Talk to Katie for more information on stretching and flexibility!
IMG_8689 IMG_8657IMG_8672 IMG_8694 IMG_8675


  1. Mashing = best remedy the day after a deadlift workout. It’s Brad’s job in our house…also Arnie’s, though he’s less reliable.
    We’re coming to the games to cheer you on, Lisa! (A necessary stop on the summer Sierra trip, no?) Can’t wait to see you guys!

  2. frickin A RJ! your a beast! hope we can do a wod together soon…

  3. OMG Katie can you walk or(mash) on my back – I can barely move today!!! Stinkin’ back squats…

  4. Heidi, that was beast face!!! That reminds me, I gotta invest in longer shirts to cover beast belly fur.

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