Why So Sore?

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I’ve had a lot of questions
this week about why there are so many people so damn sore after doing the
"Trevor" workout on Monday. I mean really, we’re all in reasonably good shape,
work out regularly, and go hard… why then all the pain?! Monday’s workout had
you working with 3 other people to go as hard and as fast as you could to get
the best time possible for your team. You did a lot of work – each person at 1/4
of the workout did 75 pull ups, 100 push ups, 125 sit ups, and 150 squats. That
is a lot. But it doesn’t really explain why the intense pain… Consider this.
Intensity = work per time. The more work you do in the shorter amount of time,
the more intense the training. The commitment you had to your teammates to go as
hard and as fast as you could, knowing that if you went too slowly, you would
personally cause the team to finish with a slower time, caused you> to jack
up the intensity. Technically, given the training that we do here, that
shouldn’t be the case – you should always be going as hard and as fast as you
can, however, there is something about laying you ass out on the line for your
teammates, partners, friends, comrades, brothers and
sisters that allows you to tap into an extra gear, speed, or pace that you never
knew you had. I would say that the more pain you’re in is directly proportional
to the intensity you went during the "Trevor" minus the intensity which which
you normally go on your own. P = I("Trevor") – I(normally). If you are REALLY
sore, the question I have for you is this, "Why are you holding back when you’re
training on your own?" The teammate you are gypping out of your best performance
is YOU! So… No more excuses. The secret is out. You can do more, faster than
you think you can – now get out there and practice, every single day!

courtesy Petranek Fitness, CrossFit Los Angeles

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