Why Bother

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           So the last few months I have been reveling in the fact that "I really can eat whatever I want" and hit a bit of the Zone and I maintain a healthy weight.  I think to myself "Why do I need the Zone?  I really like donuts, pizza, pasta, raw white sugar in all its blessed forms".   Why would I change?  Even Freddy C. (who’s link is on the left side of the page), who chronicled his Zone experience, has apparently decided instead of "Zoning Out" he would "Opt Out".  So why should I change?  I feel good.  My WOD times aren’t suffering.  I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Speed-O, but operation belly-b-gone was a success.  So there we have it……why bother.

            So I was watching the Discovery Health Network.  They have a show on called "Inside the Brookhaven Obesity Clinic" where the morbidly obese chronicle their weight loss.  These are folks who are too fat for gastric bypass..again, TOO FAT FOR GASTRIC BYPASS.  I am pretty sure that this show is aired to make the mildly to moderately fat people (most of America) feel better about themselves.  So, I like most folks, think to myself – how did these folks let this happen.  These people keep Oreo’s under their beds….at the Obesity Clinic.  STOP eating so F*!KING much.  So there was a huge 500 pounder sobbing about how he just can stop eating junk food, when it clicked.   There is only one reason that Ryan is not a 500 pounder – genetics.  Given the option and allowing for unchecked free will, I can easily eat a dozen donuts, wash it down with 44oz. of soda and/or beer and not think twice.

            So that’s where my new found resolution to eat better comes in.  I need to prove to myself, that if I was in the position of being too fat for gastric bypass, could I do it, could I change my ways.  At the first Zone dinner, I said my sole motivation for trying the Zone was vanity.  I am over that…now I am doing it Crossfit style – reps over time.  How many meals can I stay Zone in the next year.  Keep On Keeping On.

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