Who’s the Best Fitness Gym in Flagstaff??

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Hey everyone!  It’s time for the vote of the Best of Flagstaff businesses,
and we would really like to take the vote for "Best Fitness Club".  Please take
the time to register with just your email address, validate it by email, then
log in and place your vote for us on the Best of Flagstaff.  It just takes a
minute.  Enter CrossFit Flagstaff in the box under Services, next
to Best Fitness Club. 
Each of your votes will be important for us!  This will be great publicity
and name recognition for us if we can take this vote!  Besides we ARE the best
fitness program out there!  Get your friends and family to cast their votes as
well!  They love seeing you all fit as a result of your efforts at CrossFit
Flagstaff!  (even if you only came once!)
If you want to plug in some more names on that list, we have several
clients who own businesses in Flagstaff and it would be great to get some votes
coming from all of you for them, as our clients.


Under Food:
Best Breakfast  -La Bellavia
Best Coffee House  -Coffee Pedaler
Best Mexican Food  -Cafe Ole
Under Retail:
Best Bike Shop  -Coffee Pedaler
Under Services:
Best Fitness Club  -CrossFit Flagstaff
Best Salon  -Salon Rouge
Best Wireless Cafe  -Coffee Pedaler
Thanks to all of you for your support!
Lisa and Mike Ray

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