What’s the Difference?

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Shoulder Press to Push Press to Push Jerk to failure

  -go to failure on each before progressing to the next more functional movement

Deadlift x10 reps
Hang Power Clean x10
-pull from hang position, catch in high 1/4 squat
Power Clean x10 -pull from ground, catch in high "power" position
Hang Squat Clean x10 -pull from hang position, catch in deep squat
Clean x10 -pull from ground, catch in deep squat position
Jerk x5
Clean and Jerk x5
-full clean from ground to deep squat catch, proceed into jerk

Click on names to access video demos of each form of the clean.
Use a challenging weight, practice and maintain good form.


Cullen learning the Clean.  He had GREAT full extension!  I would have him narrow up his feet both on the start and the landing, and push his elbows up higher in the catch, but he did well over-all.

Sarah catches in a high "Power" Clean position.  Chloe’s hair demonstrates the speed at which you need to drop, or pull, yourself under the bar for the catch.  Amanda has a great deep squat catch on her Squat Cleans with nice, high elbows and the bar rolled back into her fingertips in the racked position.

Patty, like everyone learning the clean, pulls early, bending her elbows before they need to, using her arm muscles to pull the bar up rather than let it be suspended by momentum from her extension.  She improved with practice and had less and less arm pull but instead allowed her shoulder shrug and hip extension to put momentum on the bar to lift it and get it weightless. At the end her arm bend was from her pulling herself down under the bar for the catch.

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