Variations on Weighted Pullups

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Img_9678 WOD

     1-1-1-1-1-1-1 rep rounds
-increase load each round

Compare to April 2007.

Various types of weighted pullups:
Img_9567 Img_9663 Img_9637
She-Ra Power Pullup          Suicide Bomber Pullup      Sprinter Pullup
Img_9644 Img_9672 Img_9625
Flying Squirrel Pullup          Crazy Kipper Pullup         StrongArm Pullup
Img_9450 Img_9558 Img_9593
Great Balls of Steel Pullup  Climb Your Own Plate Pullup    Bring a Friend Pullup


  1. LOL!!! looks like “fun” was had by all today!

  2. OMFG
    I love the “bring a friend” pullup! Great picture!
    My own style is the “climb your own plate” pullup. I must not be very smart, because it doesn’t work!

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