Weighted Pull Ups

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Bulgarian Split SquatsIMG_5073 IMG_5072
2×15 on each leg w/DB’s

Weighted Pull-Up – Build to a Heavy Set of 3

Climbing Ladder for 10 Minutes:
1 Strict Pull-Up, 2 Hand-Release Pushups
2 Strict Pull-Ups, 4 Hand-Release Pushups
3 Strict Pull-Ups, 6 Hand-Release Pushups

Comp Squad:

1. Snatch
A. 5 sets of 1 Snatch Pull at 1RM Snatch weight
B. 5 sets of 2 Snatch Deadlift at 1RM Snatch weight
C. 5 sets of 3 Snatch Power Shrugs at 1RM Snatch weight

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DON’T FORGET that CrossFit Flagstaff Barbell Club meets on Tuesday and Thursday Nights from 5:30-6:30. Anyone can come to get help with their Olympic Lifts!

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