Wednesday and Thursday, September 18-19

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1. Barbell work

A:  3 sets of max unbroken Cleans, 225/155 – all reps must be TNG, no resting in the hang.
B.  21-15-9 unbroken Back Squats for time, 225/155 – you must break between each set.  if you are unable to complete the prescribed reps in a set you must re-start that set.

2.  Gymnastics work

Handstand walk for max distance x3

3. Gym WOD – Team “Luke”




  1. None of my sprints were under seven seconds… but they ranged from 9-12. That was tough! Thanks Chelsey for encouraging me and making me work my weaknesses.
    Oly work was rough. My hips are starting to hurt pretty consistently, so I just did power snatch and cleans.

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