Wednesday, October 2

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1.  Strength Focus – Tires and Stones

2. Gymnastics Skills – Gym warmup

3. Gym WOD – Thrusters 7 x 1

This should be the last workout the AC2 competitors do.

 The SICest of the SW second team workout has been released!


– All athletes must participate in jump rope, 2 swinging, 2 jumping
– One athlete goes at a time. The next athlete begins when 2 min timer ends
– One athlete per 2 min AMRAP in order for total reps as score at the end
– Kettlebell between legs and bottoms up with arms straight in line with body at top for kettlebell swing
– the Kettlebell weight for the entire team is 2 pood for Rx’d, 1.5 pood Intermediate
– the Wall Ball weight for the entire team is 25# Rx’d, 15# Intermediate
– the Thruster weight for the entire team is 95# Rx’d, 75# Intermediate
– 34″ base for HSPU distance, elbows and legs/hips straight at top, rep begins at top of lockout, heels against wall at the top for a complete rep.

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