Wednesday – Friday, November 27-29

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1.  Strength Focus
Deficit Deadlift 5RM
Stand on a 45# plate (maybe 45 +25 if you are short).

2. Technique
10×10 slow OHS, 45# M/33# W – work positioning and technique.
3. Gym Plyometic/Agility WorkPro agility shuttle

4. Gym WOD – Wall Climbing


FILL YOUR BELLY WITH TURKEY!!!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Get in a nice run today and post your distance and location to comments.  It can be a 5k trail run, a 2 mile Buffalo Park o-course run with some pullups and “stuff” thrown in along the way, a 1 mile turkey trot…whatever just get outside and enjoy the day!



Gym WOD – “Lee”

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