Wednesday, August 15

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1. Is the WOD for the day, our 2nd benchmark "met-con", 3. Is the 30 min strength for the day.  Fit in the work however you can, but ideally you would follow the sequence below exactly.

Here is an explanation of "Beasts" and "Ninjas"…

What is the difference between "Beasts" and "Ninjas"?
Beasts are those that excel at strength movements.  Think Khalipia.
Ninjas are those that excel at bodyweight movements.  Think Speal.

What if you are neither a Beast or a Ninja?
Pick one, or pick both and scale up, or pick neither – your call.

1.  100m Sprint
10 x 100m, OTM
Record the fastest and slowest time.

2.  1000 m Run
1000 meter Run, easy – Start this "on the minute" following the final 100m Sprint.

After the Run take 5 minutes to warn up for the Bench.

3.  Bench Press
Complete one set for Max Reps. 
Beasts:  205/125
Ninjas:  175/ 105
Rest 2 minutes then complete the same number of reps as fast as possible.

Record the weight and reps for the first set, and the time for the second set.   
Example, on the first set you get 19 reps at 205.  Rest 2 minutes and then do another set of 19 as fast as possible.  The score would look like this; 205×19, 1:34

4.  1000 m Run
1000 meter Run, easy – Start this immediately following the bench press.

5.  Band Pull aparts
4 x 8-12


  1. LRay –
    100m x10 repeats OTM (fastest = 16, slowest = 19)
    1000m Run
    Bench Press 105# max reps = 12
    12 reps for time = 2:23 (in 3 sets)
    1000m Run
    4×12 tiny band pull-aparts w/1 min. rest between sets

  2. Jesse Prescott says:

    Jesse – 1st set 10 reps, 2nd set 1:26. Ninja weight.

  3. No Sprints for this kid
    Tried 1000m jog, no bueno on back
    Bench 205#(Beast) -16 reps
    16 reps for time-3:37
    1000m Row
    4X12 band pull-aparts – purple band doubled up

  4. Amanda
    Rest was Wednesday
    Run was a tad short on accident…90Meterish 12.5/14.5
    Bench: 110×5/ 5 in :20 seconds
    Rowed 1000M, it was raining HARD!!! Yes I was being a Puss

  5. 10x100m sprints: 16.19/17.04
    1km Run: 4:43
    Ninja Bench 175#x7 reps
    175# x 7 for time: 2:09
    1km Run 4:31
    (Total w/ rest: 31:18)
    Purple band pulls 4×12 not timed

  6. Isabelle
    100m runs : 15.5/25
    Bench 105# x10
    10 for time :45 seconds
    Did all the extra stuff too…just not timed.

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