We Miss You Already….

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 We bid a sad farewell to Lauren, but wish her ALL the best in her new life adventure!  Thank you for your friendship, coaching, and passion to this community, Lauren!  You leave a great hole in your departure!

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This is me. I CrossFit.

I do something that most people do not. Most people (especially women, it seems) do not pick up a barbell or a kettlebell on most days. Or climb a rope. Or flip themselves inverted on the rings. Heck, most people do not even do sit-ups, or real honest-to-God straight plank chest-to-deck push-ups.

But I do.

I push myself each day to the edges that many people cannot, and that most people will not. I go deep into the pain, into some kind of darkness, some sort of purgatory for my life, and I emerge again, renewed and ready to face the world. More than ready to face the world. Ready to tear up the world and make it mine. Set myself on fire. Become who I always wanted to be.

I say these things not to congratulate myself. I know they sound pompous. Perhaps I am pompous. But I am also proud. Because I don’t have to do these things, I don’t have to push myself to accomplishment, I don’t have to cheer others to their accomplishments . . . but I do. Because I can. Because I have to. Because maybe, in some small way, it helps. Life is hard enough and so we have to be harder in order to survive. And maybe we have to be kinder in order to thrive.

I don’t know. I don’t have the answers.

But I do know this:

This is me. I CrossFit. Hello.                               This is your story, Lauren.

CrossFit Lisbeth

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  1. HA! oh man, those are some OLD photos, thanks Lisa :). Miss you all more than I can say.

  2. Sarh Kelly says:

    Best wishes for your future Lauren! It was a pleasure knowing you.

  3. Ali & Mark says:

    Oh Man I should have arm wrestled you for that snow suit before you left!!! HOT!

  4. Dont be jealous Ali, I will let you borrow it 😉

  5. We miss you already…Can you come back? Love Iz & K

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