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Saturday and Sunday, August 30, 31 The CrossFit Running and Endurance cert/seminar is fast approaching!  Remember to register before August 4th, at which time registration ends.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve running mechanics, learn about injury prevention in running, and have video critique done of your own running mechanics! 


Saturday, August 16th
– American Cancer Society "Climb the Mountain" to Conquer Cancer.  Isabelle invites all of you to join her in this climb up Snowbowl as a CrossFit Flagstaff Team.  For more details, go to the Climb to Conquer Cancer website.

Contact Isabelle if you are interested!


Sunday, July 12 – CrossFit Flagstaff will be hosting an intro to proper weightlifting and CrossFit for the Women’s Fitness Weekend with Synergy Fitness, on July 12th at 2:30.

Detailed info at:  www.synergytotalfitness.com 


  1. Oh Lisa can we PLEASE do the new Pain Strom too!!!!

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