Tuesday, June 18

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1. Mobility of shoulders, thoracic, and lats

2. Handstand Walk practice for 10 min. – walk sideways along the wall, kick up to wall and balance feet off of wall and hold, kick up to a partner in middle of room then walk away from them, kick up on your own and find balance.

3.  OTM x 20 min – Odd:  6 OHS (165# M/115# W) Even:  6 M/3 W Muscle Ups

4. Gym WOD – The Dash


  1. Steven Roessig says:

    The Dash: 8:03 R’xd
    OTM x “10 mins”: (All I Could Manage)
    Overhead squats @115#
    Muscle Ups x 3

  2. deload
    BS 48 X 5
    60 X 5
    72 X 5
    36 X 5
    43X 5
    53 X 5

  3. Scott F says:

    Didly-Squat Challenge (Day 2)
    Box SQT 1RM = 225
    185 x3 x3
    Tons of thigh, hip, & shoulder mobility.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Mobility, mobility, mobility
    The dash: 12:27 regular pull-ups
    Mobility, mobility, mobility

  5. Liz Miller says:

    Handstand work
    OTM x20 min
    55# OHS
    muscle up transitions
    The Dash
    Yellow KB snatches, blue band pull ups

  6. The Dash 8:13 RX’d
    Watched some videos on gymnatsics WOD app and Worked on some non false grip MU kips.
    Didn’t do comp squad stuff, trying not to over train this week to stay fresh for the Oly Meet on Sat.

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