Trevor Win’E Memorial Day Fundraiser Workout at CrossFit Flagstaff!

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What an outstanding crew today!  Huge thanks to everyone who participated, counted, coached, motivated, photographed, and was a part of this really great day.  It was a success, it was fun, and we saw some amazing accomplishments!  Congratulations to all the teams.  We had a couple of teams scrambling for some teammates at the last minute, and so we really want to extend an extra thanks to those who pulled through for us and came on a whim with little to no notice.


Team Flagstaff Firefighters Local 1505   Team CrossFit Flagstaff/Again Faster

Team Flagstaff Adventurers                  Team CrossFit Sedona

Team La Bellavia

All "action" photos will be posted in a Photo Album on the right side of the site.  Check back for updates as I get photos from other photographers.

Click here for posted times from CrossFit affiliates world-wide.


  1. Isabelle says:

    WOW!! Congrats to all who participated…this was not an easy work out and everyone did a great job and we raised money for a good cause! Everyone should be very proud!
    Thanks to Lisa & Mike for a great event~

  2. Tara Paprocki says:

    Great Photos in the gallery!! Wade…nice hands!!Stong Stong work by all! I head some one from these groups say that they think we should do this work out twice a year…???

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