Track Your Progress and Win $$ OFF YOUR DUES

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Over the last few moths we have gone through a Wendler Strength Cycle and are currently going through a Front Squat Strength cycle. During Wendler everyone did a fantastic job of keeping track of their weights and their lifts. In order to help you see the progress you are making in the gym, tracking your work outs is imperative. Not only does it help YOU see the progress you are making and where you need more help, but it helps US as YOUR COACH to HELP YOU know how to approach each work out in order to get the most out of it.

There are MANY ways to keep track of what you do in the gym each day. CFF sells WOD books like the one pictured above, some members use a phone and computer app like Beyond the White Board (screen shot above) and some use a simple notebook that they bought at Target. Lisa has kept an excel spread sheet for the last 11 years!!! We don’t care HOW you keep track we just want you track your work outs so you can SEE your progress!

So……Starting July 15th we are having a 3 month challenge!

1. Come to the gym at least 4 x per week

2. Log your work outs all 4 days

3. Show a coach your log book (or app) at the end of each week and get a ticket for the discounted dues drawing.

4. Every month we will draw a name from the ticket bucket.

The winner will get 15% OFF their next month’s dues!!

It’s pretty simple actually, and some of you already do number 1 and 2, so all you have to do is show us at the end of each week for a ticket!¬† A lot of you already come to the gym 4x per week so all you have to do now is WRITE DOWN what you do!If you don’t come 4x per week already maybe this will be the catalyst to get you in here more and working towards your goals more consistently!

We will run this challenge from July 15th to October 15th. So get your log books or apps ready. Please ask a coach for help if you’re not sure where to start.

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