Handstand Pushups-Good way to get lunch money

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For Time
500m Row
21 L-Pullups
21 Handstand Pushups
500m Row
15 L-Pullups
15 Handstand Pushups
500m Row
9 L-Pullups
9 Handstand Pushups

Jerimiah  23:04 (partner assisted HSPU)
Ryan 16:58  (Box HSPU, jumping pullups)
Tara 18:58 (partner assisted HSPU, jumping pulls)


Mike shakes Jerimiah’s pockets for lunch money (or maybe just provides assistance for handstand pushups by pulling up on his legs)


  1. where’s the “gimmie your lunch money” picture?

  2. Tara Paprocki says:

    Jerimiah you crack me up!

  3. That cheapskate. I only got two quarters, a nickel, an empty gum wrapper and some lint.

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