Thursday-Sunday May 30-June 2

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REST!  Put your feet up and take a load off!  Literallly!



Gym WOD-  (1 really heavy successful rep for the day, not necessarily a lifetime PR)

The Other Total
1RM Clean
1RM Bench Press

Add best of all 3 lifts for a total score.

I got 99 problems, my bench ain't one.


Gym Memorial WOD –  for Brad Harper, the Phoenix Fire Fighter killed in the line of duty May 19th, 2013.

are doing this WOD in conjunction with CrossFit Uprising where Brad was
a member. All you need to do is show up at CFF at 9 or 10 am on Saturday 6/1.

If you would like to officially register for the WOD and receive a t-shirt, you can do so at
The cost is $25. Just check no where it asks if you are doing the WOD,
and then mention in the "questions" box that you are doing the workout
in Flagstaff. I will pick up the t-shirts June 6th and bring them back to CFF.
If you would like your shirt when I pick up the others please register by 1pm Wednesday May 29th.

We will also have a donation jar at the gym.

Lauman has generously donated a PR bell he made out of a fire
extinguisher that I am going to present to CrossFit Uprising. We are
planning to take a picture between the 9 and 10 classes of our athletes
with the bell.

I hope to see you all Saturday morning!



Take a good day off, sit back and watch the finale of the Southwest CrossFit Regionals!  Be inspired to train hard next week!


  1. DL
    295X5, 315X5, 345X5
    165X5, 175X3, 180X1
    Lunberjack 20, 30:59 (some no reps)

  2. Deadlift
    Most recent one rep max = 185# (15# under pre-surgery PR)
    90% = 175#
    113# x 5
    133# x 5
    148# x 5 (I forgot about the 5+ part)
    Shoulder Press
    One rep max = 82#
    90% = 73#
    48# x 5
    55# x 5
    63# x 5 (forgot about 5+)

  3. The Other Total
    Clean 195 – 200 PR – 205 F
    Bench 165 – 170 – 175 F
    OHS 135 – 155 – 165 F

  4. Brad Harper Memorial WOD
    4 rounds + 9 CTB + 4 PC RX’D

  5. Liz Miller says:

    My arm has been hurting since Monday, so I tried doing the other total but had to stop because it hurt so much.
    Luckily I’ll have this next week off at girls state in Tucson to rest it, but I am worried about the food they’ll be serving. Wish me luck!

  6. Wendler Phase 1
    Bench (Had to use weird Cybex thing bar fixed on a track…way easier than normal bench so weights are much higher than percentages based off my PR)
    95# x 5
    105# x 5
    115# x 6
    Back Squat
    90% of 167 = 150#
    95# x 5
    105# x 5
    125# x 5

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