Thursday, May 16

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Advantages of Box Squatting

There are many advantages to box squatting:

Training on a box will allow you to sit back onto the box to a point
where your shins are past perpendicular to the floor. This places all
the stress on the squatting muscles (hips, glutes, lower back and
hamstrings.) When you can increase the stress on these muscles and lower
the stress on the quads, then you'll be ready to see your squat
poundages start moving.

2) Restoration
is another major advantage of box squatting. You can train more often
on a box when compared to free squatting. According to Louie Simmons,
the original members of Westside Barbell in Culver City, California,
used to perform box squats three times a week. Currently at Westside we
train the box squat every Friday for our dynamic workout and
occasionally on Monday's maximal effort workouts. If you're new to box
squats, I suggest you do them once per week.

Low Bar Position on the Squat
Low bar position on Box Squat. Notice the tight upper-back.

When performing box squats you never have to guess how low you're
squatting. It'll always be the same. Think about it: when most people
start adding weight to the bar, their squats get higher and higher. You
see this all the time in any gym you go to. They look good with the
light weights, then begin doing quarter squats when the weight gets
heavy. With box squats, you'll always go low enough.

4) The
last reason to box squat is to reinforce good squat technique. Many
times for the intermediate or beginning squatter, the hamstrings aren't
yet developed and "sitting back" into a squat is impossible without
falling over backward. To teach these athletes how to free squat
properly would take months. The squat wouldn't look right until the
hamstrings and glute strength increases. Why wait two or three months?
Put them on the box and you'll have them squatting properly within five
minutes. Within one month the hamstrings will begin to kick in because
of the added stress of sitting back on the box.

1.  Mobilize

2.  Warmup with 30 Reverse Hypers with 30% of your Back Squat 1RM loaded on it.

3.  Find 1RM Squat for today

4.  Drop 20-30% 2 sets of 2 reps.

5.  Drop to 55-60% 1RM for 1 set of 20 reps.


  1. Tara Ross says:

    Back squat
    Worked up to 205×1
    Failed at 210
    Feing tired/fatigued today, just glad to get a few in. Didn’t do any back off sets.
    45-50 min trail run with Lisa and Katie

  2. Reverse hypers 30@ 70#
    Back Squat
    225# x 1
    165# x 2 x 2
    120# x 20
    Regional team event 4 with Kellie
    50# DB All else rx’d

  3. Back squats:
    Rachel: 165 x1, 120 2×5, 90 x 20
    Zach: 365 x1, 285 2×5, 205 x 20

  4. Front Squat
    no 1RM
    2×2 = 125, 135#
    1×20 = 75#
    50 min. trail run with Tara and Katie

  5. Back squats (up 15lbs from old PR)
    Back off sets
    Bench 335×1 (10lbs shy of old PR)
    Back off sets
    Pistols, double under work
    7 mile trail run slow 90 min

  6. Chelsey Rumfola says:

    Chelsey’s Back Squat
    240 x 1
    175 x 2 x 2
    115 x 20

  7. Back Squat
    160# 1 RM
    95# x 5 x 5

  8. lindsay says:

    no 1rm attempt
    125# 5×3
    70# 1×20

  9. lindsay says:

    above post is high bar back

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