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Iron Athlete Gymnastics Clinic Taught by Tiffany Hendrickson

This clinic is for all levels of abilities, not just for the trainers! Come in and learn from the best to get your kipping pullup, handstands, you name it!

Saturday, August 13th from 11:00 am1:00 pm

At CrossFit Flagstaff


Tiffany’s clinics are organized in a way that will benefit both the beginner and the advanced athlete in developing a greater understanding of the movements, providing information on how to further develop the necessary strength and timing in order to be able to achieve and or become more efficient their gymnastics skills.

A general 2 hour clinic format will look something like this:

Quick warm up and shoulder prep
Establishing the basics of an effective gymnastics kip both on the bar and rings
Discuss the butterfly pull up and why I recommend all athletes including beginners focus on this skill as opposed to a traditional Kipping pull up
How to break down the butterfly pull up
Understanding the transition of a muscle up
What good form and technique looks like in a MU
Introducing drills that will lead to a MU
Talk about the strict MU and how to develop one
How to swing on the rings
Strength accessory work specific to the ring MU
How to spot a MU
Talk about goal setting, the importance of consistency and getting your head right to achieve a safe and consistent ring MU.

Tiffany Hendrickson

Additional movements may include:

Handstand walking
HSPU -strict, deficit, free standing-
Bar muscle up
Glide kip
Toes to bar



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