Thursday, February 7

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Back Squat

Work up to a (1) heavy single.  The next set is a (10) ten rep max.
 The next set is repeating the (1) heavy single.  Then 20 and so on.
 There are no extra sets in between the working sets.  You can rest as
needed between sets.

Tanner's squat in 2007 – demo for the Level 1 cert.


  1. 325-275-325-205-325-165
    this was really hard. that is all

  2. Back Squat: 233- 183- 233- 153- 233- 133
    Then did the gym WOD:
    Row: Completed first 4,000m with a team of three, then lost a member, so the remaining 6,000m were with two people. Ass kicker!!!

  3. Did gym WOD with Ken Hunter and Russell. Team 10k Row – alt 250m between all 3 teammates. 39:05

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