Thursday, December 27

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1.  Snatch 
5 x 1, across off blocks at the knees.

2.  Front Squat
10 x 1 across, OTM

3.  "Big Boss Man"

30-25-20-15-10-5 rep for time of:
Wall Balls, 20/14

4.  Goat Training
Pick two of the following, base on greatest weakness…
A.  Box Jumps
For time:  10 x 12 unbroken Reps – you choose the height.

B.  Double Unders
For time:  10 x 20 unbroken reps

C.  Rowing
For time:  3 x 500m, OT3M

C.  Running
For time:  4 x 400m, OT3M

D.  Strength
Deadlift 3-10-10


  1. Snatch: 123#
    Front Squat: 175#
    F*ckin goats: A & C. 20″ box, rowing completed. I missed the part about time… did not do the box jumps for time. Did the rowing on the 3-minute, but didn’t keep track of my times.
    Big Boss Man: 12:52

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