Thursday April 18, 2013

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Jerk  (Would like to see Split)

Technically any shoulder to overhead movement in which the athlete first accelerates the bar up by driving the legs, and then drives under the bar to receive it with locked elbows. "Jerk" with no other qualifier implies the athlete's chosen jerk style for maximal weight, which will nearly always be a split jerk.

With a barbell in the jerk rack position, bend the knees to bring the hips straight down (no torso lean) and quickly reverse to drive the bar up as you push yourself underneath, catching with locked arms in a lunge position.

70% 3×3

80% 2×3

90% 2×3

Clean Pull 

This is the first and second pulls of a clean without any attempt to pull under the bar. At the top of the extension, the athlete should continue attempting to pull the bar higher, keeping the elbows moving up and to the sides to keep the bar against the body. With heavy pulls, this will not move the bar very high

90% 3×3

100% 2×3

add 20lbs 2×2

Front Squat

80% 3×3

90% 3×2

100% 2×1


If you have time and your up for it…

3 rounds

300m row

16 KBS

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