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Thursday A.M. WOD:
Burpee Breakdown workout:
5 Pushups
10 Jumping Pull-ups
Max rounds in 20 min.

Cody, Patty and Jason enjoyed that

Thursday P.M. WOD:

  • Box jumps up to a max height
  • Vertical Jump test on the Vertec
  • Hand Stand practice
  • Military press to a max weight
  • Handstand hold for time

Linc had a 41" box jump, 21"vertical jump, 50kg miltary press (fail at 55kg), 1:05 handstand hold




  1. crossfitflagstaff says:

    Nice JUMPS! Clearing some serious height with those legs of yours, Linc! You and Brendan on today, clearing over 40″ jumps. Impressive. Thanks for being at CrossFit Flagstaff. We really appreciate it!

  2. On Friday, I saw those plates stacked and figured that someone was using them to jump onto…so I figured, “what the hey, I’ll try”. Did the first 2 plates on first attempts, got all 3 plates on a 2nd attempt–first failed attempt was all mental, Cris DeRosa bout busted a gut when I almost did a face plant 😛

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