The Start Of CrossFit Games Week at CFF!

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IMG_0333Row 1 & Row 2 2013-Crossfit-Games1

For time:  Row 21,097 meters (1/2 marathon)

Row 1 will end at the 2,000 meter checkpoint. Athletes will receive points based on their times at this point. There is no scheduled rest at the checkpoint as the race continues.IMG_0331

Row 2 will be scored by the total time to finish the entire 21,097 meters. Finishing order at the 2K checkpoint (Row 1) will have no bearing on the scoring for Row 2.

Strength Focus:

1Rep Max Stone-to -Shoulder   then 3 Rep Max Bench Press

IMG_0328IMG_0325IMG_0324IMG_0302IMG_0316IMG_0285 IMG_0277

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