The Red Pill

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I SO relate to this one this week!  After eating dessert every single night in Maui, I feel like I am dragging around a body full of rocks.  Seriously.  Stupid carbs!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 


Take the red pill

We all have off days, slow days, even bad days. But I rarely have a Bad
Day of Epic Proportion. The BDoEP feels far, far different than just a
plain old bad day. It feels like I have one of the Jolie-Pitt kids
clinging to a leg (probably Maddox), Andrei Arlovsky trying to pin me
in a cross slide and my Dad standing next to me huffing Pall Mall
non-filters. All while I'm trying to do thrusters.

Yesterday was one of those Days.

The last time this happened,
I wrote it off to a lack of recent structured training. But I can't
blame that for yesterday, as my training has been solid as of late. So
what's the common factor here? After going back through my notes, it
finally came to me – the common factor in both instances. Carbs. An overindulgence of sugary, grain-y, flour-y, processed carbs.

had no power for almost two days this weekend, and therefore no easy
way to prepare healthy, Paleo food at home. Which I took as a license
to eat as if I were a character in The Road,
on the run and scrounging for whatever energy rations I could find in a
desperate attempt to literally save my own life. This weekend, those
rations included espresso martinis, lobster mac and cheese, numerous
delicious deli sandwiches, peanut M&Ms and an assortment of
bread-related products.

It feels good while you're eating them.
Since I kept hoovering processed carbs and sugars, I never really
crashed… or maybe I did, which accounts for the several happy naps I
took over the weekend. Regardless, come Monday morning, I was back to
my Paleo no sugar/no grain/no dairy/no processed food normal diet. And
I did fine on Monday – I didn't miss the carbs at all, wasn't having
any cravings. But come Tuesday morning, it all caught up with me.

episode finally allowed me to determine a PATTERN… eat tons of crap
for more than one day in a row, feel like even worse crap for even
longer. The BDoEP is the result of me literally detoxing from sugars, grains and processed junk.
You think I'm exaggerating? I mean, it's just BREAD, it's not heroin,
right? I promise you, I am not. It's like a smoker who doesn't realize
how terrible he feels until he STOPS smoking. I've been eating a pretty
strict, clean diet for such a long time that when I do go on these
multi-day binges, it literally kicks my ass. There is something to be
said for comparing sugars, processed foods, etc. to hard drug, a la
Nicole Carroll's "Getting Off the Crack" CFJ article.

not convinced? Try it. Take two weeks and go sugar free, grain free,
processed food free. Eat tons of vegetables, don't go crazy with the
fruit, eat lots of good fat. At the end of two weeks, take a day and
eat whatever you want – cake, bagels, pasta, lobster mac and cheese.
Then send me an email and tell me how you feel on Monday. And Tuesday.
And Wednesday. I'm guessing your note will include words like
"nauseous", "exhausted", "weak" and "headache-y". In fact, I can almost
guarantee it. So try it for yourself. You'll thank me for it. Or curse
me for it. Either way, I'm on a mission to push the red pill.


  1. Not sure where to post a blog regarding the nutrition challenge, so I thought I would just write a comment to your blog!! 5th day on the zone “way of eating” and Ive been staving after every meal until tonight! I cooked yellow squash, oh my goodness it was so much food!!! I could barely finish the squash! So, just wanted to let everyone know if they need lots of food, yellow cooked squash is a great way to go!!! Also, today I did “Kelly” and I actually felt decent during the workout! Maybe it was just a good day or maybe it was my eating habits! I guess only time will tell!!!

  2. Amanda, I understand your pain. In my last few attempts at the Zone I have been STARVING all the time. This go around, what is working very well for me has been picking Low Glycemic Index veggies/fruit and only eating 1/2 of the carb blocks. It sounds counter intuitive to cut out more carbs when you are starving, but you substitute 3 fat blocks for every one carb block. So my typical 4 block meal is (4p,2c,10f). I am on day 17 Zone-Paleo and have not been hungry since starting. Although last night I took a free meal and feel terrible today (strung out on crack).

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I will have to check it out!! The nutrition challenge this month is the zone, I’m going to do my best to stick with it!! Can’t wait for my cheat day, hello chocolate cake!! Ive noticed if you pick the correct carbs, it can actually be a lot of food! I’m still learning what works for me and what doesn’t! Just bought a scale today, so that should help a ton!! Thanks again for the suggestion!!

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