The No Sugar Challenge Results!

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Sorry for the delay in this!  Between me traveling and some folks delayed in turning in their food logs, we couldn't complete this until today.

First of all, congratulations to all of you who committed to this Challenge in the first place.  That was the first step and even if you didn't hold to it every single day, even if you fell off the wagon for a week (like ME), there were far more days that you did hold to it and that gave you a sense of what it was like to NOT eat sugar and then what it felt like when you did.  That in itself was a valuable lesson and that in itself was an accomplishment!  Hats off to every one of you!

Here are the folks who committed to it, with their results.  Every person here is a winner, for doing it.  The standing ovation goes to those who made the extraordinary commitment and sacrifice to 30 days straight with not one cheat.

Laura Howell                     30 Days Straight of NO Gluten, NO Dairy, AND NO SUGAR!   
Cullen Young-Blackgoat      30 Days Straight of NO Gluten, NO Dairy, AND NO SUGAR!
Lauren Ruck                      30 Days Straight of Paleo AND NO SUGAR!
Robin Moore                      30 Days Straight
Billy McKenzie                   30 Days Straight
Donna Preusser                  30 Days Straight
Tara Paprocki                    30 Days Straight
Ali Martinez                      29 Days
Bruce Hungate                  28 Days
Eileen Schreiber               26 Days
Holli Phillips                     24 Days
Katie Brown                     23 Days
Isabelle Deslauriers          22 Days
Katie Lowe                       22 Days
Lisa Ray                           22 Days

AWESOME JOB!  On to the Zone Challenge!  Those of you who have committed to that, I need your log books checked for your 1st week in!


  1. Congrats to EVERYONE…
    That was NOT easy.

  2. So I bought a food scale yesterday. Great step, no? And I weighed my salmon this morning. Another great step!
    I am, however, afraid to count out my almonds, cashews and nuts. I am positive that I will discover that my portions were like, three or four or seventeen times recommended. In other words, you cant run around with a bag of nuts, eat all day, and tell yourself – Hey baby, I’m zoning!

  3. Can we/I drink hot tea when on the zone diet?? I don’t drink coffee, so all Ive been drinking is water! Just looking for something different! Thx

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