“The Last Supper”

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IMG_9642CrossFit WOD

“The Last Supper”
(8 Rounds of 20 Seconds of Work : 10 Seconds of Rest)
Deadlifts (185# M/135# W)
Front Squats (135# M/95# W)
Double Unders

IMG_96351 minute rest between exercises, score is lowest number of reps accomplished in all 8 segments.

Strength Focus: 8 Min EMOM

Odd: 2 Rope Climbs (legless if possible)

Even: 5 Handstand Pushups (strict if possible)


Great Squat mechanics! Nice high elbows, keeping arms parallel to the ground, allowing the bar to be racked up on top of the shoulders and over the hips. Knees are out, tracking over the small toes, creating room in the hips for the torso to be pulled down in between the femurs and get the hip below parallel. Low back is in full extension, allowing the weight to be loaded through large joint and the spine in safe, strong compressive forces. Nice work!

The Last SupperIMG_9596 IMG_9603
OTB = Get out of the box!

Our Wednesday OTB workout was at the CHS track today. Running drills and video analysis, 1 mile time, 800m tim, 400m time, and 200m time was established! And, maybe a little sunbathing at the same time!

IMG_3380IMG_3377Video 1       Video 2

PoseOne of the main characteristics with the Pose Method, runners land on their forefoot (ball of foot), on a slightly bent knee with hips over the ball of foot.  The Pose Method utilizes gravity to propel the body forward, in a sort of “falling”.  This enables the runner to keep their center of mass directly over their feet.

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