The Kickoff Challenge

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May 2013 – Season Kickoff Challenge:
To kick off the new season of training for competition, we will be initiating a challenge as of May 1st.
Because the cornerstone of all human movement is the basic Squat, and
because everything gets easier when your Squat is better, the kick-off
is the 21-Day Squat Challenge. Please read the article that inspired
this challenge,

it states in the article, every participating athlete will choose to
tackle a daily maximal load on either Front or Back Squat, or both. For
some of us, the Box Squat will also be included and combined as needed
for each individual athletes' needs. What you focus on depends on your
goals and weaknesses.

Varying the volume of "back-off " sets
depending on the individual's recovery and the WOD planned for that day
will also allow for individual goals to be targeted. (2×2 for days when
you feel crappy vs. 3 sets of 5 heavy reps for good days).
Anyone who has been consistently
participating in the group classes at CrossFit Flagstaff for at least 6
months is welcome to join Comp Squad and participate in this challenge!
Talk to a trainer about how to best implement this training to help you
reach your goal of competing at the next competition you're interested


  1. Scott THE BEARD says:

    Squat Challenge Thoughts:
    – I’m trying a 7-Day version on myself, rotating through: Back, Front, Box, Back, Front, Box, Back. (I completed day 5 yesterday – haven’t done my box squats yet today) I’ll do the full 21 days back at CFF in June.
    – I varied the back-off sets, based solely on how I felt that day. Only ever did 2×2 or 3×3.
    – I was able to Back SQT more on day 4 than Day 1.
    – I set two PRs on Front SQT. (Days 2 & 5)
    – I’d recommend that athletes doing the 21-day challenge stop when they hit a PR, and not push for multiple PRs in one day. 21 days is a long time – plenty of chances
    – I aimed to not miss a rep. I can tell by now, when I get really slow in the middle, that I’ve hit my 1RM.
    – Squatting heavy every day has helped me get into a groove for my set-up.
    – I recommend mobilizing every day. I was lazy and did very little. As a result, the front and outside of my left leg has been numb for the past three days. Pinched nerve, I guess.
    – Being able to compare how today feels vs the same lift 3 days ago kept my confidence high & avoided the “dang, this feels SO HEAVY” thoughts I tend to have when attempting 1RM after a couple weeks without maxing.
    – I’m curious how soon Central Nervous System fatigue will add up and become a factor in the progress of 1RM weights.

  2. Scott THE BEARD says:

    Finished my 7 day squat challenge with a 15# PR on Back SQT.
    Before the challenge I had not attempted a BSQT 1RM since August or September of 2012 (sorry, I don’t have that journal with me). That BSQT 1RM was 245.
    I was on a modified Greyskull Linear Progression (3 sets of 5+) from November through March. I also dabbled with FSQTs & BoxSQTS during that time – usually going for a 3RM or doing a series of heavy singles on the minute.
    Day 1 BSQT 275, then 225 x2 x2
    Day 2 FSQT 220pr, then 185 x3 x3
    Day 3 BoxSQT 185, then 145 x3 x3
    Day 4 BSQT 280, then 225 x3 x3
    Day 5 FSQT 225pr, then 195 x2 x2
    Day 6 BoxSQT 205, then 155 x5 x2
    Day 7 BSQT 300pr*, then 210 x3 x3
    * I broke my own advice to stop with the first pr in the session, since it was my last day of 1RM for this challenge. During the full 21-Day Squat Challenge, I plan to hold out until Day 21 (or later) to attempt multiple PRs.
    Subjective results:
    Better feel for setup position (feet, grip, bar placement).
    Improved tolerance for a heavy bar, while remaining positive.
    Increased ability to keep pushing through a slow, grinding ascent.
    Streamlined my warm-up sets.
    Left leg still tingly. The more I mobilize, the more I think this is unrelated – probably a duty belt issue. (But I still recommend daily mobilization.)
    Enjoy the 21 Day Squat Challenge. I look forward to completing it when I am at home & surrounded by you guys.

  3. Just a reminder:
    1RM = TODAY’s heaviest successful lift for 1 rep.
    PR = your heaviest 1 rep EVER.
    It is OK if TODAY’s heavy lift is not a PR, or even close to a PR. If you give your best effort TODAY, be proud. Each day’s effort pushes you closer to your goal, even if you don’t feel it yet.

  4. Chelsey says:

    Chelsey’s High Bar Back Squats:
    1 RM: 205
    Did Filthy Fifty Prior to it, legs a bit tired.

  5. Joel’s High bar back squat:
    1 RM 225

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