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It rained, it poured, but it could not put a damper on this wedding!  They had to move it from the meadow on Hwy 180 to Hart Prairie due to the meadow being declared a “private nature preserve” suddenly.  Then, Saturday morning, after a flurry of texts agonizing over whether we should move it to the gym or not….the rain came down and the weather forecast worsened.  So, to the gym we went in true CrossFitter style.

We set the “venue” up in the parking lot at first with burlap laid down to cover the curb, rocks and pine cones strewn across it to try to bring the feeling of the forest into it….and then thunder cracked and the skies opened up.  Time for PLAN E.  Inside we were ready for the reception so everyone pitched in and pushed tables back and chairs forward.  In 10 minutes we were ready to have a WEDDING for our girl!

BRING IT!  3-2-1 GO!

After that, not a hitch.  Tara was beautiful, Kevin was beaming, Ruby was a hip-hop Punky Brewster flower girl, and Doyle entertained us with his characteristic antics as the ring bearer!  From then on, this wedding was a blast and flowed right into a great party with Jason DeVore from , serenading us and rocking the house with music.  A bounce house and incredible food prepared by Kevin’s mom and Lindsay kept us all happy!  So fun to see everyone (AND the gym) in their fancy duds and beautifully combed hair!

Tara and Kevin, we are SO happy for you both!  You have journey’d through much to find one another.  Journey forward as beautiful independent people who form a union of support to that individuality.

Cheers from us all.  We love you!

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