Tara Paprocki-IronWOMAN!

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Today’s WOD

We all congratulate Tara on her awesome race in the Ironman Arizona Triathlon in Phoenix this past weekend!  She ROCKED!  With some CrossFit training and just a couple of weeks of triathlon specific training, Tara challenged the Ironman and came through as the amazing, strong woman we all know her to be-a true IronWoman.  Congratulations, Tara!  It was an honor and a pleasure to be there and watch you compete and dig in and show everyone how truly strong you are.  Inspirational!



  1. Thanks to all for their well wishes! I can honestly say that most of the day I had a smile on my face!(except when the wind blew it off on the bike) It was a beautiful Arizona day and I enjoyed every IronMan minute!

  2. I know completion is the primary accomplishment(dont know if I could), but what were your times? What were your more memorable moments? just curious 😉

  3. You rock girl!!!!!

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