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Grudging "thanks" to Jerimiah for sending us this one all the way from Florida!

3 Rounds for Time:

50 Dumbbell Walking Lunges -2×25 lb.
26 DB Single-arm Snatch, alt. hands -40 lb.
16 Turkish Get-Ups -35 lb. DB


Welcome Back, Joe Williams!  It is GREAT to have you here again!

Isabelle performed "Isabelle’s Folly" today…
3 Rds. for time:

50 Box Jumps
50 KB Swings 1 pood
50 GHD Situps
800m Run
50 Back Extensions



  1. That was miserable. I would say “Curses to Jerimiah” not “Thanks to Jerimiah”.
    Seriously, I am yet again reminded of my poor shoulder mobility for overhead work.
    It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun.

  2. Yeah, I think the reps were a little high, but you do keep moving the whole time, albiet slowly.
    Well, I guess y’all need to return the …. uh… “favor.”

  3. My only problem was that it followed a BIG squat day, I hit failure in the first round. 1st round…I’m quitting; 2nd round…I’M quitting; 3rd round…screw it, I will just take all day 😀

  4. Jerimiah,
    We’re sending you Isabelle’s Folly, as detailed on the post for today. Izzy has had a little shoulder injury, and copied this workout off the main site the night before as one that would work better for her. Only she may have had a glass of wine or two and things got a little mixed up between Michael and the Filthy Fifty. Anyway, she said it was pretty good.

  5. Rich and I suffered thru. The tought of I’ll quit actually hit the first time before we started. Thanks from New York.

  6. Just noticed “Isabelle’s Folly” over a year later!
    Better later than never: we’ll do it tomorrow.
    God I miss you guys and gals!

  7. OK! We did it! And man, it was brutal. Compared to Murph in its length. It was impressive to me that something that long could maintain such intensity. I was working the whole time at a steady pace: no rest for the wicked. This is the following morning and my calves hate me.
    Our times were:
    Nick: 33:00 subbed regular sit-ups and 30 reps instead of 50 in rounds 2 and 3.
    Jeremiah was 52:37 as Rx’ed
    Tripp was 51:08 as Rx’ed
    We’re working on Tallahassee II… I like this workout exchange program!

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