Tabatas from Santa Cruz

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We can thank CrossFit Santa Cruz for this one!Img_5911

Tabata Shoulder Press (33-45 lb.)
Run 200m
Tabata Push Press
Run 200m
Tabata Push Jerk
Run 200m
Tabata Squats (air/bodyweight)
Run 200m
Tabata Deadlifts (56-67 lb.)
Run 200m
Tabata Overhead Squats (15-33 lb.)


Isabelle’s Deadlifts showed great improvement today.  Nice work!

Lisa’s OH Squats were 13, not 15.


  1. After the workout, I went out to Oak Creek Overlook to climb the basalt cracks all day. My legs were like Jell-O, not unlike after an approach up 2000′ of talus at 13000′ elevation. Great training for the mountains!

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