Weekend Extras Schedule – Mobility Seminar and Self Defense Class

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This Sunday is a Mobility Seminar and the gym will be closed for regular classes.  Great opportunity for everyone and open to anyone to attend!

Sign up for the Mobility Seminar, Sunday October 9th from 9-4, with Whitney Welsch-Reese and Jamie Logsdon, CrossFitters and PhD physical therapists from Texas! The cost is $150 and you can register at the top of our website. Email me if you're interested and want to see the itinerary.

Both Whitney and Jamie have a Doctorate in physical therapy and are orthopedic specialists with the benefit of being elite CrossFit athletes and competitors in past Games. It is an amazing opportunity for affiliate owners, coaches, and our athletes to enhance our understanding of proper conditioning of the human body. Whitney and Jamie have both trained with us in the past and I know that their conditioning approach includes a lot of mobility focus, and they strongly feel they wouldn't be the athletes that they are today without it.

This will be a 6-hour seminar including lecture, mobility biased programming examples, screen or work with "the difficult to correct client" and can discuss almost any topic/progression you'd like.

Whitney's Bio: http://whitwelsch.blogspot.com/p/bio.html
Jamie's Bio: http://whitwelsch.blogspot.com/p/tool-time.html

ALSO, a reminder that Jesse's Self Defense classes start this week!

Much interest has been expressed in self defense and fighting classes so Jesse is going to start teaching for us 3 days a week, Thursday's at 7:00 p.m., Saturday's and Sunday's at 5:00 p.m., starting this Thursday.  It will be offered to CFF members for $20 a month.

Jesse will start with the basics and technique and safety of self defense and as people become more experienced, the intensity will grow into grappling and actual fighting, if desired.  We have gloves, wrist wraps, and pads, which will be available to those who attend his classes.

Please contact Jesse if you are interested or have any questions.  neverdiegear@me.com, 928-699-7942

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