Sunday Musings

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Since no photos were taken at the gym today, it’s a great day for some rest day thoughts to ponder…  What makes a strong team?  A strong business?  A strong athlete?  Technique is a lot of it.  Caring is paramount.  Strength of character is the rudder that steers the ship.

The All Blacks are the world’s most successful sporting outfit, undefeated in over 75% of their international matches over the last 100 years. What is the secret of their success? And what can we – as individuals, companies and teams – learn from them?

Champions do extra.
They sweep the sheds.
They follow the spearhead.
They keep a blue head.
They are good ancestors.

IT’S ALL ABOUT CHARACTER.  Our goal is to build our purpose around this.

Be better every day.


One more life we have had the privilege to influence. Thank you for being part of us for a little while, Joy!!

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