Sunday, January 20

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John Doole takes a philosophical look at the things that make us who we are.

Changing the timing of when I was pulling the bar in a clean was incredibly difficult.

Cleans, like golf swings, are difficult to perform consistently well.
Lats engaged, butt up, load the hamstrings, move the bar past the
knees, slight re-bend, explode with the hips, shrug and bend the arms to
move your body under the bar, elbows through, catch and recover.

Cleans are a great example of something we could all spend a lifetime
trying to master but few of us will perfect. Getting better means
practice, good coaching, lots of video and a willingness to change.

CrossFit training promises nothing to the athlete and expects
everything in return. The only immediate deliverable of CrossFit is the
freedom to confront ourselves, to find out who we are at our
core—exposed, raw, uncensored. It’s during this time of confrontation
when we can seize the opportunity to change. It comes at a cost as
change is not easy and it’s always painful. How painful depends on how
much we want to change.


  1. Did a mash-up of skills and make up:
    Flight Simulator: 10:59, PR
    8:00 Ladder of Power Clean + Front Squat + Jerk (135#): 4 rounds
    60 Ring Dips for time: 11:59, was having a conversation with Lisa during this, so wasn’t super tight with the time keeping 🙂

  2. 2k Row – not all out, built a bit of speed at end – 8:30
    Jeez, Katie! Sorry! I didn’t realize I was distracting you on a time clock! I thought you were doing a couple on the minute or so. 🙁

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