Sunday Hike

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Chloe, Cullen, and Katie will be going on a hike up Mt. Elden, Sunday at 1:00.  Meet at the Mt. Elden parking lot at 1:00, weight vests are optional.  Go help Cullen train for the Hot Shot season!!


  1. Sara Selman says:

    I would like to go – but without a vest and without carrying a chainsaw…I am already worried that I may not be able to keep up with you guys. If I go – I’ll be there at 1pm sharp with my backpack & Lucy. But don’t wait for me if I’m not there at 1 – that only means I chicken’d out…;-)

  2. Sara,
    PLEASE don’t be worried. Please. The vest are totally optional and no one is carrying any tools. Bring water and snacks, you will rock it! I think there will be several people, so the pace will change and you can find your GROOVE! Please come. We already have like a hundred dogs, one more makes for a great Disney movie…

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