Sunday, December 2

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Rest Day.

If faced with the sudden choice, would you rather live with:

A.) Elves

B.) Hobbits

C.) Dwarves

Explain your answer.


  1. Did Fran today, after several days of dreading the bitch…4:18.
    The focus for me was to perform butterfly pullups as long as possible. I was able to do more of them than I expected. At the end, I wasn’t writhing around nearly as much as I normally am after Fran, which tells me one thing: I held back too much on the thrusters. Time to pick up the pace.
    As for the survey: I questions its motives, but if forced to answer, I would say elves. I don’t know much about any of those populations, but I have my ill-formed stereotypes to go on. I’ve seen the movie Elf and that dude is hilarious. The only thing I know about hobbits is that I saw about 1/10 of Lord of the Rings and was totally annoyed. As far as dwarves go, I watch Boardwalk Empire, and all the dwarves in that show are pissed off and constantly demanding money.

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