CrossFit Games Final Workout

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  • 30 Squat Clean & Jerks
    • 155 lb. M / 100 lb. W


Great work today, John. You made some big improvements on your Squat Clean & Jerks. Keep practicing that big shrug!


  1. CrossFit continues to amaze me. The stories of the winners this weekend truly inspired me. I was a Dutch fan going in to the games, but couldn’t have been happier than to hear about the come from behind win by Jason Khalipa in the men’s group…while everyone was still watching the “top competitors”. Jason’s win and the strong competition I followed through the posted results after each event, reminded me that constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity breeds not only fitness in whoever follows such programming, but also widens the playing field within the program itself. It is any ones game on any given day, and because the best way to prepare for the variety of events at the Games was to constantly vary intense-functional-movements, proved that this weekend’s competition was an accurate account of the fittest people in the world validating CrossFit as the best program in the world. The Game’s results plus Forest Griffin’s win over Rampage got my blood going because what I love about CrossFit and any other athletic competition is: the limitless possibilities and outcomes. I started to really understand the importance of practicing form and technique to become more efficient in my movements because I heard that is where the magic is, and I may be crazy but I do believe in magic. CrossFit provides a little magic for me. I am in awe of the limitless possibilities that broad modalities and time domains can produce within fitness and competition, and I am in awe of how CrossFit can turn the average man into the fittest person in the world. The whole idea gives me a sort of feel-good-Disney-idea that even I may one day (with the help of some magic) be able to compete with such amazing athletes, and fair well. The possibilities that CrossFit provides truly are endless.

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