Steve’s Sunday Burner

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  1. Thanks everyone! I had a blast today!

  2. Tara Paprocki says:

    Yes…It was a lot of fun today! Especially all of the “kickers” at the end.

  3. You’re all a bunch of F-R-E-A-K-S!!! But I still love ya! Great work Jamie on your rowing, thanks Steve for another creative, fun(?) workout.

  4. Bruce…is that muscle I see in your chest? Gosh, I have been gone just long enough that all of you are looking so much more happy & fit! Nice job everyone!

  5. steve hendrix says:

    thanks for everyone’s participation and induldgeing me in this workout. I especially enjoyed the meal we shared afterwards. Can’t think of a group of people I’d rather hang-out with.

  6. Rode my quad 80 miles through the hills and mountains south of cottonwood..I saw some real amazing country.Thanks Tara…I miss being around your energy also. I was bummed that I missed you.

  7. Lisa Ray says:

    Wow! I hate missing out on the crazy random workout that comes through randomly! Nice work, Steve! It actually was well matched with the Strongman workout I did at Rainier CrossFit at the cert on Sunday!
    3 rds. for time:
    lift a 105 lb. sandbag to my shoulders, carry (shuffle) 200m
    10 squats with said 105 lb. sandbag still on shoulders and back
    10 situps with 65 lb. plate pulled onto chest
    10 push press with 60 lb. cement ball (cleaned from the ground)
    1 20 ft. rope climb.
    Time: a long, arduous 20:34
    after effects: like I was hit by Olga

  8. Lisa Ray says:

    Just thought I would say “random” one more time….
    Forgot my warmup: balance a 165 lb. log on my 130 lb. frame. see

  9. Hey Izzy, it was good to see you were back on Saturday! I wish there had been a decent picture of you to post, but they were all blurry.

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