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IMG_4990 WOD
7 Rounds for Time:
    3 Hang Power Snatch
-110 lb./77 lb.
    5 Ring Dips
    7 High Box Jumps

"If you don’t try stuff you don’t think you can do you’ll never do
stuff you didn’t know you could do.  I learned to climb rope this
weekend, amidst an amazing workout.  Shattering.  Congrats to all of us
who’ve overcome serious obstacles and mental blocks and frustration and
rips to get new movements available to us in our lives.  These lessons
will not go wasted!

Onward and upward!!"  -Jesse Ward, Locals Gym, Lynnwood CrossFit

Jesse and I did the "Olga" workout together at the Rainier CrossFit cert 2 weekends ago (see 2nd photo below), in which Jesse got his 1st rope climb!


Welcome to your first CrossFit affiliate exposure, Jason!  Jason has been doing CrossFit on his own in Phoenix.  This was his first time to a CrossFit gym.  Great to have you!

Many dug deep in their heads today to make those high box jumps and
snatches happen.  It was really inspiring to see you push and break
barriers and find out what you ARE capable of!  Some even suffered box
jump shins due to their willingness to explore the edges of their
capacity.  It took some real grit to keep going after that!  With learning and overcoming obstacles sometimes comes some suffering.  You earned your scars today!


  1. Hi guys… Missing y’all from Reno- went to visit Crossfit Sierra Nevada today. Did my best to represent- tried their WOD, which was interesting. Hope you all are well- give your scuffed shins a little pat-pat, and I will see you in about a week. KTB.

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