Step One – I am powerless over Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

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Day 18 Zone/Paleo…..I have gotten passed the grieving stage of Zone recovery…..I am now in the euphoric stage akin to a newly born again or an alcoholic after their second AA meeting.  The air smells better, my mind is clearer…The snozberries taste like snozberries…yadda yadda yadda.  I am hoping that "this time I really really mean it."

The 42 Ways to Skin the Zone article by Robb Wolf has really helped.  In the past attempts I have been a AHCCZ (always hungry carb crazed zombie).  Cutting the carb blocks in half and adding 3 blocks of fat for each carb block has made a big difference.  My breakfast sets the stage for a hungerless day.  The past 18 days have started with this four block meal.

A) Lots of black coffee

B) 3 eggs scrambled (3p)


C) 2 links Farmer Johns Skinless Firehouse Hot links (1p,10f) – yea they are not the healthiest but they are high on my Healthy/F-Off Scale and the eggs taste even better cooked in the sausage grease Perhaps better than olive oil?? 

D)  Designer apple choice (currently a big fan of the Pink Lady ) (2c)

So a 4p/2c/10f breakfast is working for me.  Thanks to everyone for posting their thoughts, it helps to know there is a community behind this challenge.  And Cullen, if at 2am you need me to come to the cafeteria and talk you out of a loaf of french bread dipped in strawberry jam…I am there for you man.

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