Sage Burgeners New Starting Position….

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 My old starting position: (very similar to a deadlift)
  • Hips above the knees and shoulders over the bar
  • Bar right up against the shins
  • Shins vertical
  • Weight on heels

My new starting position:
  • Hips above the knees and shoulders over the bar
  • Bar 1/2 inch away from my shins
  • Shins forward
  • Weight on the ball of my foot (still being able to wiggle toes)
Let me tell you why this new starting position is better and why you should do it:
The MOST important part of an olympic lift is the pull off the floor. If the pull off the floor is efficient, everything falls into place much easier. Your weight will be in the proper position on your feet to be able to jump aggressively, your jump will be vertical, the bar will move vertically, the bar will be close to your face so you can turn it over with an attitude, everything just goes GREAT!
So, what does a PERFECT pull off the floor look like? I have drawn a beautiful picture for you all that I'm certain will help you understand just what I am talking about

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