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5 Things EVERY CrossFitter Should Do

Shout out to Lisbeth Darsh who originally posted hers about a year ago.

1. Keep a log. If you’re serious about reaching goals, you’ve got to keep a log. WordPress, Beyond the Whiteboard or even just a ratty old notebook, it doesn’t matter what tool you use, you’ve got to log your work. (Extra points for logging your food and sleep.)

2. Get your Level 1 certification. You don’t need to have aspirations of becoming a trainer, it’s a great weekend of learning why we do what we do and why CrossFit works.

3. Visit the CrossFit Games. Oh my hell, are the Games awesome! The ESPN2 or online recaps are NOTHING to the CrossFit event of the year. It’s a weekend of pure motivation.

4. Find a coach. Either at an affiliate or online, find somebody who can program for you and keep you accountable for your progress. Nobody likes “Karen”, but it must be done. Coaches make that happen.

5. Learn other methods. What’s great about this growing cult is that we’re not a religion. We’re willing to do whatever works. Read and tinker with other ways of training and eating. If it works for you, stick with it.

-from CF Hustle

WOD – Brought to us by Kevin Lim, CF Singapore -giving us the push to try some other training methods for 3 months.  Apply yourself to it, let it fill the chinks in your armor.  Dedicate yourself to the training and be glad for what strengths it gives you, because it will.  You won’t know if it works unless you try it with an honest effort.  Guaranteed it’s not going to make you weaker, whether it works for you or not.

  • Prowler Push 100m x 3
  • Sled Sprint 100m x 3

Post Loads and Times.

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Thanks for visiting us from MBS CF -Denver, Johanna!

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Thanks to Ali and Brad from Full Squared Productions and the CF Journal for coming out to hang with us today and do a feature on our gym and community!  Look for that video to come out on the CF main site in a week or 2!



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