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Three Rivers CrossFit shared their Super Bowl snacking ideas.

"We had our AFC
Championship WOD this morning and it was pretty brutal, but I think the
food may have made it bearable. One of the reasons for doing the WOD a
day early from the game is that it gave us a chance to show what smart
snacking looks like in an attempt to influence our athlete's decision
making process. We had a nice little spread laid out.

Just because you are watching the game doesn't mean that your
nutrition concerns need to go on hiatus. It also doesn't mean that you
need to suffer through cardboard flavored rice cakes. I wanted to share
something simple and delicious that could be enjoyed while watching the
Steelers stomp the feathers out of the Ravens, but still be Zone

First, I had fruit cubes wrapped in strips of ham.

5 of the cantaloupe or honeydew made 1 block of CHO and 1 block of PRO

3 of the pineapple made 1 block of CHO and 1 block of PRO

Because 1oz of ham= 1 block of PRO, I just took a single slice of
ham (roughly 1oz) and split it into strips of 5 for the melons and 3
for the pineapple.

Held together with a toothpick they were very good finger food.
Everyone seemed to like them and the pineapple went especially quickly.

The second dish was a little harder to calculate the blocks, but was
still really good and should have been close enough for government work
to being balanced.

We did a yogurt dip using Stonyfield
low fat plain yogurt (1/2 cup= 1block PRO & 1block CHO). There was
a choice between apples, (1/2 an apple= 1 block CHO) strawberries,
(1cup= 1block CHO) and pieces of grilled chicken (1oz=1block PRO) to
dip in either crushed walnuts (1/2tsp=1block FAT) or roasted pepitas
(1/2Tbsp=1block FAT). I wasn't going to worry to much about how many
fat blocks I was taking in. However many nuts the yogurt would hold to
the fruit or chicken was good. I suppose we could have measured blocks
onto a plate and used that to dip the yogurt covered fruit into. What I
did do whas try to eat the chicken with the walnuts because they were a
little higher in CHO and to eat the fruit with the pepitas because they
were a little higher in PRO. This should have helped to keep the snacks
hormonally balanced.

This was all pretty easy to make and didn't cost too much more than
a couple of pizzas to feed a group of 9. I hope our athletes got
something from this and might even try these recipes for the game

Post other snack ideas to comments and maybe we'll do this again for the Super Bowl.

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just got home from a couples cooking class, and we made a salad that
would be very zone friendly for getting good carbs and fat with slight
modification (not using currants). As an added bonus, it sits in a
dijon vinagerette dressing, so the fruit marinates rather than

You basically take 3 tart green apples, peel, core, and dice. You
take 2 sweet potatoes, peel and grate. Roast some chopped pecans and
add them in too. Throw 'em in a bowl and set aside.

Mince 2 cloves garlic, add to 2 tbls white vinegar, 3 tbls dijon
mustard, add salt and pepper to taste, and add the juice of one orange
and 2 limes. Whisk while adding about 1/3 cup olive oil. Throw over the
fruit and chill for a half hour.

The acid in the vinagerette ends up breaking down the sweet potato,
much like acid does with a dish like ceviche. The salad was absolutely
delicious and trivial to make. Add some lean protein like chicken and
you've got a great zone-friendly meal.

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