Skill Test

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CrossFit WOD –   IMG_7750 - Version 2
Complete in any order you would like.

Gymnastic Skill -max reps in one minute:
          Muscle Ups –10 M/5 W
          Max Double Unders –minimum 100
          Chest-To-Bar Pullups –30 M/20 W
          Handstand Pushups –25 M/12 W
          Max Rope Climbs –20′ (min. 4 in 90 sec.)

Weighted Lifts -max consecutive reps of each (minimum 5-7):IMG_7749IMG_7750
          Deadlift –315# M/225# W
          Thrusters –165# M/115# W
          Clean and Jerk –195# M/125# W
          Snatch –140# M/105# W       

Cardiovascular Intensity For Time:
          Run 400m
          Row 500m

*Blue = competitive benchmarks

Compare to: August 2013, Sept 2012, April 2012

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