Skill and Agility Under Pressure

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For Reps:
5 minutes Double Unders
vid 1
5 minutes Clean and Push Jerk -95/65 lb.
3 minutes Double Unders vid 2
3 minutes Clean and Push Jerk
1 minute Double Unders
vid 3
1 minute Clean and Push Jerk

Amanda does a great job here with just bouncing off the ball of her foot lightly, without a big jump, spinning the rope primarily from her wrists.  Learning to jump lightly off the balls of your feet and spin the wrists to keep the rope going, and allowing the body to be relaxed will allow you to conserve energy and jump with longer endurance.  Refine your jumps to be bounces off the balls of your feet, spin your rope from your wrists rather than from the shoulders or the elbows.  A little higher bounce for the double under, but it doesn’t need to be a lung-searing leap into the air.

Lindsey has really been picking up the Clean very quickly!  Great extension and shrug, and nice deep catch.  Keep up the good work!

These 2 photos of Chloe tell a real story and kudos need to go out to her.  Chloe, like many of us, really struggle with getting the full hip extension and shrug to put momentum on the bar.  Instead, we often pull the bar a lot with our arms to get it elevated enough to get underneath of it.  This photos shows that Chloe is really improving with this "triple extension".  The 2nd photo shows that she isn’t leaping into the air and "donkey kicking" when she extends.  That too is a huge improvement in form.  Chloe has been really dedicated to getting better at the Olympic lifts and her form is improving as a result.  The 2nd 2 photos show that we have Kate back with us!  Welcome back from your 1st season with the Hot Shots, Kate!  Awesome to have you join us again!!


  1. Greetings from San Diego — NICE, Chloe — great work on that Clean!
    Hope to see you all soon in Flagstaff!

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